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Vilnius Institute for Advanced Studies (VILIAS) is an independent community of research fellows and young researchers committed to furthering social sciences and humanities through interdisciplinary dialogue and inquiry, sound management of research projects, intellectual support to advance quality of research, and counseling to get research results out of laboratories and libraries for the better life of individuals and society. We believe that ideas of value are born only when the borders of countries and institutions are transcended, when disciplines and cultures interact and enrich each other. Upon this notion VILIAS is being built: a place where researchers from different universities and disciplines unite into fine-tuned teams for specific research needs, where open intellectual exchange nourishes ongoing research projects and gives birth to novel ones.

Vilnius Institute for Advanced Studies unites researchers coming from a variety of academic fields: sociology, economics, law, political science, history, anthropology, psychology, literary studies, educational science, health sciences, mathematics, art studies, philosophy, social work, and others. The fact that all researchers of VILIAS community have experience in interdisciplinary research and most of them possess interdisciplinary educational background provides an additional value for VILIAS collaboration. It should also be noted that VILIAS collaboration is a growing one. Apart of being leading experts in their respective disciplines research fellows of VILIAS act as contact points in specific fields and subfields in their knowledge to identify and connect with researchers whose insights and expertise are specifically required for certain research endeavors being initiated.

VILIAS is an open and growing body. We welcome every researcher supporting the values we believe. Thus don‘t hesitate to contact us with all ideas, insights, questions or proposals of yours, sending all inquiries to our communication office or to the director of VILIAS Dr. Algimantas Čepas  directly.