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Agnė Kalinauskaitė, LL.M. acquired her master’s degree in law from Vilnius University in 2011. While studying in Vilnius University she won scholarships to study in Ghent University in 2009 and Tartu University in 2010. Agne Kalinauskaite later continued her studies in Ghent University where she acquired a master’s degree of advanced studies in European Law (LL.M.) with great distinction in 2012. While studying in Vilnius University Agne Kalinauskaite was working in the Law Institute of Lithuania as a specialist in the Legal System Research Department in 2008-2010. She has started working in the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania as a Consultant on EU and International Law in 2012 and is currently working there as a Consultant in Complex Cases since 2014. Agne specialises in competition law, human rights law and electronic communications law.