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Dr. Arseny Tarabanov is an associate professor of Smolny Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences of Saint Petersburg State University. Dr.A.Tarabanov has acquired his Ph.D. in philosophy for Saint Petersburg State University in 1997 and had been lecturing philosophy at the Saint Petersburg State University, including lectures at the Institute of Regional Economy by the Faculty of Economics of St.Petersburg State University . An innovative interdisciplinary approach taken by Dr. A.Tarabanov allows him publishing widely on a variety of academic disciplines, covering a range of different topics: philosophical anthropology, economy of the postmodern, anthropology and philosophy of martial arts, postmodern theory of mass media, philosophy of psychotherapy, etc. However major research and academic interests of Arseny Tarabanov lay in the field of media studies. The subject has been taken by Dr. A.Tarabanov as a core unifying of the variety of his research interests and he is in the process of creation of a joint academic and research programme in media studies at the Smolny College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The programme will incorporate subjects from economics, theory of communication, philosophical anthropology, and orient studies.