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Dr. Aušra Pocienė is a criminologist with a background in sociology. She has acquired her MA in sociology and criminology from Vilnius University in 2003 and the PhD in sociology from Vilnius University in 2008. Her main research interests concentrate on urban safety and security, crime prevention through environmental design, however she is also engaged in research activities on a variety of other issues of criminology and security studies, including theories of punishment (M.Foucault, E.Durkheim, D.Garland), community policing, drug-related crime, etc. She has presented results of her research in more than 10 research publications as well as in many research papers at national and international conferences and have taken part in a number of national and international research projects (e.g. currently she is a member of the research team in the research project of Vilnius University “Social Context of Corruption: An Analysis of Macro-, Mezzo-, and Micro- Factors” (funded by the Research Council of Lithuania, 2015-2016)).  Dr. Aušra Pocienė is a lecturer of Vilnius University Faculty of Philosophy (lecture courses “Social Research Methods in Criminology” and “Qualitative Methods of Social Research”) and a senior research fellow of the Institute of Military Science of the Lithuanian Military Academy.