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Legal data:
Public Entity
"Vilniaus pažangių studijų institutas"
(Vilnius Institute for
Advanced Studies)
Reg. No 303383126
Register of Legal Entities of the
Republic of Lithuania

VILIAS is open to academic and research collaborations in a variety of fiels of social sciences and humanities. You are welcome to contact the director of the institute dr. Algimantas Čepas or lead researchers of relevant research areas with all your inquiries, requests and proposals.








dr. Algimantas Čepas, director of Vilnius Institute for
Advanced Studies
tel.: +37068580203



dr. Živilė Nedzinskaitė, the lead researcher in the areas
Art, Design & Literary Studies" and
Philosophy, Ethics & Religious Studies"


dr. Gytis Andrulionis, the lead researcher in the areas
Economics & Management" and
Transport, Energy, Communication & Environmental Studies"


dr. Nerijus Babinskas, the lead researcher in the areas
History & Cultural Studies" and
Political Science & International Relations"


dr. Aušra Pocienė, the lead researcher in the areas
Sociology, Media & Gender Studies" and
Geography, Demography & Urban Studies"


dr. Birutė Aleksandravičiūtė, the lead researcher in the areas
Anthropology, Psychology & Health Sciences" and
Youth, Social Work & Educational Studies"


dr. Simonas Nikartas, the lead researcher in the areas
Law & Public Administration" and
Criminology & Security Studies"

Puseles str. 7-40,
Naujieji Valkininkai, 65461,
Varena district, Lithuania

Tel/fax: +37052623450