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Daumantas Stumbrys has acquired bachelor‘s degree in management and business administration (2007) and master‘s degree in sociology (2009) (both from Vilnius University). He is a doctoral student in sociology at the Lithuanian Social Research Centre since 2011 and is staying with the Max Plank Institute for Demographic Research in Rostock since 2013, where he is engaged in the research on alcohol-related mortality and midlife male mortality. The major research interests of Daumantas Stumbrys lay in the felds of sociology of health, health policy, mortality studies, social epidemiology. Although still in his PhD studies, Daumantas has already gathered a significant research and academic experience. He has authored a number of research articles on demographic issues related to drugs and alcohol, as well as on media studies, takes part in the research project funded by the Research Council of Lithuania „Demographic Differentials and their Impact on Sustainability of Population Change in Lithuania“ (Lithuanian Social Research Centre, 2012-2015). Daumantas Stumbrys lectures at a number of universities in Lithuania (lecture course „Health Policy“ at Vytautas Magnus University, lecture course „Demography“ at Vilnius University‘ Department of Sociology, lecture course „Sociology“ at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University‘ Department of Philosophy and Political Theory).