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Dr. Donatas Murauskas, LL.M. is a lecturer at Vilnius University Faculty of Law. He has acquired his MA in law from Vilnius University in 2010, LL.M in Law and Economics from European Master in Law and Economics (EMLE) programme offered jointly by nine European universities in 2012, and has defended his PhD thesis in law at Vilnius University Faculty of Law in 2015. Dr. D. Murauskas has held scholarships at Charlotte School of Law and Erasmus University Rotterdam, and has taken part in a number of national and international research events. He is publishing widely on law and economics, public and international law and related subjects. Dr. Donatas Murauskas also heads the Division of Representation at the European Court of Human Rights of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania, before that, he has held a position of an assistant to a judge at the Supreme Administrative Court for more than 5 years.