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Dr. Eglė Mauricė-Mackuvienė is a lawyer specializing in civil law inter alia family law, administrative law and constitutional law domains, regulatory and inspection reforms. She has acquired her PhD in law from Vilnius University in 2011 with the thesis “Prerequisites for Correctness in Legal Argumentation”. Apart from legal education (MA from Vilnius University, 2003) Dr. E.Mauricė-Mackuvienė possesses MA in applied mathematics (MA from Vilnius University, 1992). Dr. Eglė Maricė-Mackuvienė has accumulated a rich experience in application of legal knowledge through her career taking important positions in the government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice), private sector (banking), non-governmental sector (think tank Lithuanian Free Market Institute), and academia. She has lectured in Family Law, Constitutional Law of the Republic of Lithuania, Banking Law, Lobbying Activities, Law and Logic (within the Course on Legal Methodology), Hearing of Administrative Disputes both in Vilnius University and Utena College, has presented results of her research in many national and international research events. It is worth noting that Eglė Mauricė-Mackuvienė has held a number of research internships at the European University Institute, Krakow Jagiellonian University, University of Utrecht, Ghent University, Ludwig von Mises Institute, Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Office in Brussels, she has also graduated in Course on Management, Organization and Personnel in Peacekeeping Operations, (Canada, USA, Haiti, 1997), and Course on International Negotiations from the Harvard Negotiation Project (Finland, 1993), etc. While serving as an Advisor to the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania (2009-2012), she has been one of the most active proponents and architects of regulatory inspections and enforcement reform in Lithuania, headed working groups for drafting bills and other pieces of legislation on legislative process, supervisory (inspection and enforcement) activities, and deregulation in various sectors. Dr. Eglė Mauricė-Mackuvienė is actively involved in application of academic knowledge into practical activities worldwide providing consultancies in regulatory reform, regulatory impact analysis and related issues to the European Commission, the World Bank, USAID and other institutions.