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Ieva Labanauskaitė  is a junior research fellow of the Centre of Criminological Studies of Vilnius University. She has graduated Vilnius University Faculty of Philosophy acquiring her MA in sociology in 2010 and is in her PhD studies at the same faculty since then with a thesis on developmental and life-course criminology. She also runs lecture courses „Introduction to Sociology“ and „Introduction to Criminology“. Although still in her PhD studies, Ieva has already gathered a significant research experience. She has taken part in a number of interdisciplinary research projects funded by the Research Council of Lithuania („Homicide in Lithuania: A Criminological Research“ (2012-2013), „Perceptions of Criminal Justice in Society“ (2011-2014), „International Dimension of Studies in Sociology and Criminology“ (2013), „Social Context of Corruption: An Analysis of Macro-, Mezzo-, and Micro- Factors“ (2011-2014)).