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Dr. Irena Stonkuvienė is an associate professor of the Department of Educology (Faculty of Philosophy) of Vilnius University and the editor-in-chief of the academic journal „Acta Paedagogica Vilnensia“. She has acquired her BA degree in history from Vilnius University moving to the field of education sciences afterwards (MA and PhD in educology from Vilnius University). The research activities of Dr. Irena Stonkuvienė touch upon a variety of topics: historical and cultural aspects of education, moral education, ethno-pedagogy, education in rural communities, gender issues in education, etc. She has taken part in many research projects funded by the FP6-SOCIETY („BASNET: Baltic States Network: Women in Sciences and High Technology“), the EQUAL Community Initiative („Family Universe: Family-Friendly Organization“), the Research Council of Lithuania („Dominant and Demotic School Culture: Analysis of Tension Fields“ (2014-2015), „Education as Enculturation“ (2011-2012), „Identity, Cultural Transmission and National Education“ (2010)) and other entities. Dr. I.Stonkuvienė also serves as member of the editorial boards of international academic journals „International Journal of Global Education“ and „International Journal of New Trends in Arts, Sports & Science Education“.