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Milda Burnytė has received her Undergraduate Degree in Political Science from the Institute of Political Science and International Relations, Vilnius University, in 2009, and the Post-Graduate Degree in Philosophy (Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Law) from the Faculty of Philosophy, Vilnius University, in 2011. She is now engaged in her PhD thesis in legal philosophy at Vilnius University Faculty of Philosophy where she also takes part in running lecture courses „Logic and Argumentation Theory“ and „Philosophy of Law“. Milda is also a junior research fellow of the Law Institute of Lithuania where she takes part in the research project „The Problem of Definition of Public Interest in Lithuanian Law: Criteria and Priorities“ (funded by the Research Council of Lithuania) and is the coordinator of the Twinning Light project under auspices of the European Commission “Strengthening the Work of the Judicial Academy through Curriculum Development and Training in the Use of Expert Witnessing”. She has also coordinated the Lithuanian parts of international research projects „Preventing and Fighting Sexual Exploitation of Children“ (ISEC, 2012-2014), „Re-Socialisation of Offenders in the EU: Enhancing the Role of the Civil Society“ (EC Criminal Justice Programme, 2013-2015). Milda has published a couple of articles on the main themes of her research – political and legal philosophy - in Lithuanian and foreign research journals.