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Dr. Nerijus Babinskas has acquired his PhD in history from Vilnius University in 2010 with the PhD thesis „Moldova in the Middle of the 14th - middle of the 16th Centuries as a Problem of Typology of Social Structure“ and is a lecturer of Vilnius University‘ Faculty of History since then (lecture courses „European History: Epochs and Regions“, „Basics of Regional Studies: General Differences of Europe“, „Regions of Europe: Comparative History and Borderland Studies“). The major research interests of Dr. N.Babinskas cover historical regionalism, comparative history, transnational and global history, and macrohistory. However he is also engaged in a historical analysis of a variety of themes related to political relations, sociology, and economics, mainly – comparative analysis of the features of certain concepts (patrimonialism, tributalism, etc.) in these interconnected disciplines. It should also be noted that the research themes Dr. Nerijus Babinskas is engaged with are of interregional nature thus N.Babinskas is taking an active part in the academia life of Central and Eastern Europe, he is one of the founding members of the Romanian Association for Nordic and Baltic Studies, a member of the editorial board of the academic journal „Valahian Journal of Historical Studies“, a member of the European Network in Universal and Global History, as well is engaged in a number of other research endeavors of a regional character.