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Nicoleta Sovre possesses a wide interdisciplinary educational background. She has acquired her BA in International Relations and European Studies from Babes-Bolyai University in 2010, MA in International Peace Studies from the University for Peace in Costa Rica in 2012, and MA in Global Criminology from Utrecht University in 2015. The major research interests of Nicoleta Sovre cover corruption and anti-corruption, public funds, civil society. She had been engaged in a number of research projects on links between corruption in Central and Eastern Europe and the subsequent consequences upon migration to Western Europe (Utrecht University, 2012-2013), social structures and youth participation in decision making (social structures and youth participation in decision making (Peace Action Training and Research Institute of Romania, 2008-2009)". ), fault line in economic development and environmental harm (University for Peace, 2012), etc. Nicoleta Sovre has also authored a number of research publications on the topics related to the major fields of her research interests.