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Logic and Argumentation 

Philosophy is the art and science that touches upon the very essence of being and provides critical analysis of everything. It is at the very core of everyone's being and daily actions in everything, directly or indirectly, that is said or done. It is common for other disciplines to employ philosophical principles and methods in other disciplines, be it law, politics, economics or history. However philosophy can claim for more, for being recognized as the very foundation for which many subjects are built upon. Every research starts from questioning the world outside and inside us. And it is philosophy that provides us with the basic knowledge on how questions are to be asked.

Although philosophy is a discipline with roots in pre-biblical times, one of the first research endeavors a human has taken, it is not by any means a dead art. It is still alive and thriving. We face issues that are to be solved through application of philosophy in many everyday situations and many research areas. The philosophical subdomains, such as business ethics, public ethics or medical ethics are there for solving most pressing and most sophisticated social issues. Legal philosophy and political philosophy precedes the disciplines of law and politics for ideas are the background that every research in law and politics cannot proceed without. And of course, philosophy is not requested by social sciences only. The whole technological progress and advancement in humanity is heading to is based and should be based on philosophical inquiries of what could be created, what should be created and what creations could be fatal.

Our lives are based on our beliefs, whether we acknowledge ourselves to be believers or not. Religious studies help us understand the truths we do believe in. As well as the truths believed by others. Touching upon the very basics of world views we are carrying along and the world views followed by people of other cultures, religious studies provide us with knowledge that is essential for tolerance and sustainability in this multicultural world of ours.



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