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Dr. Simonas Nikartas is a lawyer and criminologist, holding position of the president of the Lithuanian Society of Criminology. After his master and PhD studies at Mykolas Romeris University (PhD in law, 2012) he had been researcher and the head of the Criminological Research Department of the Law Institute of Lithuania, where he had taken part in a number of national and international interdisciplinary research projects: „Homicide in Lithuania: A Criminological Research“ (Research Council of Lithuania, 2012-2013), „The Problem of Definition of Public Interest in Lithuanian Law: Criteria and Priorities“ (Research Council of Lithuania, 2013-2015), „Illegal Turnover of Excise Goods as a Manifold Social Phenomenon and Issues in its Control“ (Research Council of Lithuania, 2014-2016), „Re-Socialisation of Offenders in the EU: Enhancing the Role of the Civil Society“ (EC Criminal Justice Programme, 2013-2015), „CECOPS: Community Engagement for Civic Order, Policing and Security“ (EC Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme, 2009-2011), etc. He has also authored more than 15 research publications in Lithuania and abroad touching upon different themes, including privatization of penitentiaries, community policing, human rights and life imprisonment, etc. Simonas Nikartas now heads the Division of Probation of the Department of Prisons under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania,  however stays an active member of the Lithuanian academia engaged in a couple of national and international research endeavors of Vilnius Instituted for Advanced Studies and other research institutions.