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Dr. Vytautas Gavelis is an associate professor at the Department of Theoretical Economics (Faculty of Economics) of Vilnius University. He has acquired his PhD in economics from the Institute of Economy of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1979 and has held research and academic position in a number of Lithuanian research establishments since then. The main research interests of Dr. V.Gavelis concetrate on economics aspects of corruption. However his research profile covers an amplitude of other research themes in micro- and macro- economics also, including issues in international trade, crime control, human rights, etc. Vytautas Gavelis has participated in a number of research projects funded by the Research Council of Lithuania („Social, Economic and Legal Instruments for Stability and Development of Families“, „Social Context of Corruption: An Analysis of Macro-, Mezzo-, and Micro-Factors“) and is publishing widely on many issues related to the core themes of his research activities.