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Dr. Vytautas Navickas is a lecturer of the Department of General Psychology (Faculty of Philosophy) of Vilnius University where he lectures on psychology of youth and adolescence, psychology of adulthood, and gerontology. Since his PhD. in psychology from Saint Petersburg State University (1988) Dr. V.Navickas has taken part in many interdisciplinary research projects (e.g. research projects funded by the Research Council of Lithuania on procedural justice, corruption, homicide, behavior and social image of judges) and is publishing widely on a variety of issues, including developmental psychology, anthropology of magic, social information processing, criminology, as well as the general themes of psychology of  cognition and psychology of death. Last but not least, Vytautas Navickas possess an extensive experience of psychological and anthropological fieldwork on diverse research themes – graffiti and latrinalia, gender studies, ethnic relations, etc.