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Knowledge is power and it should serve for good simultaniously when dealing with strategies of national development and issues of everyday lives of common people, thus VILIAS engages in providing boots on the ground support to people facing different kinds of injustices and discrimination. Currently the institute runs two lines of research grounded consultations and professional advices (psychosocial and legal) to people going through tough times in their social and legal environments. The institute is in a process of launching two additional lines in economic-financial and public relations councelling.

Ars Boni - Studio for Legal Solutions is a pro bono legal initative that has been started to provide legal councelling to people that have become victims of crime and other injustices. Lawyers engaged in activities of Ars Boni provide legal advice and support on a variety of legal issues including criminal procedure, civil procedure, labor law, social security law, public interest law, health law and others.