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Meetings of VILIAS fellows, young researchers and guests invited by VILIAS members take three alternative forms. First, we meet monthly for public lectures, informal talks on (finalized, ongoing or foreseen) research projects that could be of interest for people coming from different research disciplines. Second, we hold regular night talks, discussions on certain research topics that could be attractive for younger people and would support their decisions in choosing a career in science. Last but not least, we organize meeting points - debates on ongoing issues of social life with a view of generating scientifically sound opinions and proposals addressed to relevant decision makers.

Past Events


[November 15, 12:00]
Public lecture by dr. Gytis Andrulionis
"Fight against Corruption in China: New Political Course and Pecularities of Implementation of Legal Norms"
[September 28, 16:00]
Public lecture by dr. Arseny Tarabanov
"Mental Health in a Hybrid Society"
[September 4]
Night Talk "Corruption and Roma NGOs in Romania"
invited by Nicoleta Sovre

[June 16]
Public lecture by dr. Algimanto Čepas 
"Inclusive, Innovative and Reflective Societies: Meanings and Means"


[April 10]
Night Talk
"Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam: The Impact ofJesuits on Lithuanian Culture" invited by dr. Živilė Nedzinskaitė


[April 3] 
Night Talk
"The Power of Social Control: Panopticon vs. Synopticon"
invited by prof.dr (HP) Aleksandras Dobryninas


[March 24] 
Public lecture by dr. Iuliia Buyskykh 
"Death for Freedom: Spontaneous Memorialization of the Perished in Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity"

[March 13] 
Night Talk 
"We Don't Believe in Superstitions, but the Evil Eye is Real:
Expression of Evil Eye in Contemporary Lithuania"
invited by dr. Monika Balikienė

[February 23]
Public lecture by prof. dr. (HP) Justinas Žilinskas
"The War of 41/2 Generation: How the War in Ukraine has Destroyed Prognoses of Armed Conflicts"


[February 6]
Night Talk 
"Transformations of Graffiti"
invited by dr. Vytautas Navickas


[January 22]
Public lecture by dr. Nerijus Babinskas 
"Contemporary Perception of Nation Origin and
Nationalistic Movements"


[January 9]
Night Talk
"Mythological Totemic Toponymy of Vilnius”
invited by mgr. Tomas Manusadžianas


[January 7]
Public lecture by dr. Algimantas Čepas 
"Social Sciences and Humanities: Alternative Routes, Common Horizons"